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Posted by Clayton - July 4, 2015 - Events - No Comments

To our CFEE community,
Our hearts are broken this week as we mourn the loss of our friend, colleague, and mentor Joe Krumm. From the first time he came to CFEE Joe jumped in with 2 feet to be an active part of our work and talked about it to anyone who would listen, as well as to many who wouldn’t 🙂 He constantly looked for ways to grow both himself and those around them and did all of it through a lens of love with a wide open heart.


I (and many of us on the team) had long conversations with Joe about the connections between music and this work; tuning your ear to new and unfamiliar rhythms, knowing when to step in and step out of a song, how to harmonize your voice with the others on your team….

And we also know that Joe will continue to be a part of our work and will harmonize with us from his new location and perspective. We’re gonna miss you Joe, but we know you’ll always be there with us. With much love to all of you,