Kim Feicke

“As a white, cis-gender educator with a life mission around social justice, my responsibility and the focus of my work is to create more welcoming and academically supportive environments for students, families and staff of diverse backgrounds.”

Kim Feicke began her educational career as an elementary teacher in the Chicago area. After 10 years of teaching, during which she was also actively involved in community organizing, she began to look for a role that would allow her to impact education at a more systemic level and, as a result, has 17 years of experience in designing and supporting small schools, school reform, collaborative practices, leadership coaching, and racial equity in schools.  The focus of Kim’s recent work has been interrupting inequitable practices in schools to create more welcoming and academically supportive environments for students of color and other oppressed groups.  She has extended experience working with White educators to understand the impact of White culture on teaching, learning, and school culture in order to effectively shift current practices.

Kim comes with a strong background in collaborative practices and supporting schools and groups to work through conflict to strengthen their capacity to work together effectively.  Over years of practice she has consistently seen that sitting in the fire together brings individuals and groups to a different place in their practice, a place that deepens their understandings and ability to communicate and work with one another in the high pressure environments that schooling creates.


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