CFEE Leadership Series

Has the worry about making a mistake or making things worse kept you from taking action?
How do you hold the space and the discomfort that often surfaces in conversations on race with your staff/team?
How do you accurately assess the progress you and your staff are making?

These half-day sessions (1:00 to 5:00 pm) are specially designed to help CFEE graduates con-tinue to develop their skills and abilities to work with staff and make schools more equitable spaces. Each session is just $50, or sign up in advance for all four sessions for a total cost of only $150.

These sessions took place in 2013.  We’re working on our next round!

Seminar 1. Taking Stock – Examining Current Reality

A leader must accurately assess what is happening in the school. Drawn from the work of Randall Lindsey, we will use a process to make a candid, honest appraisal of the staff’s cultural proficiency and the school climate. Skills for holding space and leading equity conversations will be practiced.

Seminar 2. Going Deep with Cultural Proficiency – What Is It?

We will discuss and assess the cultural proficiency continuum. What do we look for and what do we see happening in the school and in dialogue amongst staff? This session will focus on ways to engage staff members in growing their cultural proficiency both personally and school-wide.

Seminar 3. Overcoming Obstacles – Walking through Solutions

We will examine obstacles leaders and staff members face in school settings. This session will feature an equity walkthrough hosted at a school led by a CFEE principal to analyze obstacles in real time.

Seminar 4. Strategizing Equitable Actions in Schools

How do we identify what equity looks like in action? What are the equity traps individuals fall into? How do we truly understand white identity and develop cultural humility? What help and support do leaders need to do this work? These questions and more will be discussed and solutions strategized.