Coaching from the Inside Out:  Continuing the Journey Toward Racial Equity and Healing

August 23-25, 2017


CFEE was a Journey of Interruption, Transition and Transformation.  Where are you on that journey?  As you deepen your capacity to facilitate work around race and hold difficult spaces, you are recognizing the value of the inside-out journey and the healing that goes with it.  Come continue that journey with us.

Deepen your experience and understanding of:

  •   Community healing, learning, collaboration
  •   Facilitating difficult issues towards a productive outcome
  •   Personal and group empowerment
  •   Working and living in “white spaces” with internalized oppression and privilege
  •   Identifying and addressing the “elephants in the room”
  •   Assessing the impact of “racism” on physical, mental, emotional  and spiritual levels
  •   Asking the “right” questions
  •   Fostering honest, authentic dialogue (discourse II)
  •   Identifying  “best practices”  to support students in their cultural identity development


Cost:  $700 includes 2 nights double lodging , meals, materials ($800 for single lodging)

Location: Portland, OR


This workshop will be limited to 20 participants so register soon to reserve your spot!