Equity Coaching

Equity Coaching

Equity Coaching and Culturally Responsive Facilitation

As student demographics change and schools move more deeply into addressing the needs of each and every child, issues of equity and cultural responsiveness necessarily arise. These complex and challenging issues often require an external experienced facilitator who can support you to identify, discuss, and take action around the uncomfortable realities of equity-based disparities in our schools.

When we extend the tenets of culturally responsive teaching to practices throughout a school and district, we use the lens of cultural responsiveness to view all of the implicit and explicit policies, practices, and culture in our school communities. But to effectively use this new lens, it is critical to first understand the lens through which we are currently viewing those same policies, practices, and culture in order to effectively make the shift to a wider, more inclusive lens.

Cultural responsiveness assumes that students and their cultures are constantly evolving and thus educators must also be constantly evolving to effectively respond to and teach them.  This requires a (sometimes dramatic) shift in beliefs, practices, and structures that is not intuitive within traditional schooling practices.

The Oregon Center for Educational Equity has a broad network of diverse, highly qualified coaches and technical assistance providers that can work with you to:

  • Assess strengths and challenges related to cultural responsiveness in classrooms, schools, districts, and organizations
  • Design and implement professional development to deepen understanding of and efficacy in issues of equity such as race, class and gender oppression
  • Deepen understanding of what it means to be culturally responsive and support culturally responsive curriculum and teaching practices
    • Support curricular and structural efforts to engage English Language Learners
    • Design and implement effective anti-Bullying and Harassment practices
  • Incorporate equity-based goals into your strategic planning and goal setting
  • Facilitate Courageous Conversations about racial disparities in your school
  • Facilitate equity-focused teams, staff retreats, meetings