Taking It Up

Taking it Up

 Building our Will, Skill and Knowledge to Interrupt Racial Inequities in Oregon’s Schools

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April 13-14, 2017 Milwaukie


 Taking It Up is a provocative 2 day seminar focused on helping educators, school board leaders, and community members deepen their understanding of the institutionalized racist barriers that hinder elimination of Oregon’s racial achievement disparities. This focus on working from the inside out will challenge participants to step out of their comfort zone and create new entry points for becoming aware of, understanding, and interrupting inequitable policies and practices in our schools.

Because leadership is a critical component of effectively moving schools and districts forward around issues of equity, this seminar is only available to school board, community, and staff members whose leaders have previously attended the 5-day CFEE seminar. The workshop is designed to support school equity efforts that are underway by putting staff and leaders on the same page with the same language. It is not an introduction to CFEE.   Please contact us if you have questions about this.

 Why attend Taking it Up?

 Consider attending this seminar if you are:

  • willing to address equity issues on a personal as well as an intellectual level.
  • concerned about how race, class, gender and other forms of bias affect teaching, student learning and student achievement.
  • looking for a high leverage strategic opportunity to reflect, share and learn with colleagues about teaching and leading explicitly toward achievement and equity goals in schools.

As a Taking It Up participant you will:

  1. Develop a deeper personal awareness about how who you are impacts how you teach and lead.
  2. Deepen your understanding of Oregon’s history and context around race, racism and racial achievement disparities.
  3. Define race, racism, oppression, and white privilege and understand how it is institutionalized in Oregon schools.
  4. Engage in Discourse II conversations about the impact of racism on the educational experience of historically low-performing students of color.
  5. Develop a personal action plan for deepening understandings of racism and engaging in school wide conversation about interrupting inequities in Oregon schools.