Leadership Coaching

We support education and organization leaders to enhance their leadership skills and increase their capacity to lead positive organizational change.  By bringing an outside perspective to internal issues and challenges, supporting professional development goals with expanded resources and experience, and providing concrete feedback around leadership dilemmas, OCEE leadership coaches can help you:

  • Assess strengths and identify growth areas for yourself and your school or organization
  • Strengthen and support collaboration, cultural responsiveness, and trust throughout your organization
  • Design, align and implement school improvement plans, strategic plans, and equity goals
  • Increase awareness of issues of race, class, and privilege in school culture, achievement, pedagogy, professional development and planning
  • Apply coaching methodology and tools for school improvement
  • Implement strategies to create and sustain positive school culture, authentic family partnerships, and effective instructional programs.
  • Provide tools and protocols for effective classroom observations and instructional coaching.

OCEE has continued to support Hillsboro High School with continued coaching and mentoring as we move toward advancing in our Equity Team work.  In addition, they provide training in CFG protocols which support our SLCs in developing the practices and norms by which teachers will collaboratively investigate the topics of personalization, effective teaching strategies, and student progress monitoring.  Hillsboro High School implemented a school-wide Equity Team charged with creating, supporting and sustaining an intentional focus in creating a school where each student, especially students of color, achieves at his or her capacity.  In addition, our school has developed an Educational Equity Framework that we refer to as we work on our personalization programs (SLCs, Advisory, etc) and Curriculum and Instruction (assessments, remediation, opportunities, effective teaching practices, differentiation, etc.) practices.”

-Olga Acuna, Hillsboro High School, Hillsboro, OR


“Foster has benefited greatly from having outside coaches work with us during the last 4 years. I am convinced that our school would not have made the progress we have in areas of curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and reform if we hadn’t received the benefits of outside coaching. At a personal level, I have grown to appreciate an outside source of ideas on how my own professional practice can continue to evolve. I have been fortunate to work with outside coaches who understand the administrative realm and have gained from one on one discussion with them.”

Gary Moed, Foster High School, Tukwila, WA